Epilation means removing the hair with root. This can be done by means of tweezers, rope, resin and epilator. The hair removed (break down) until the skin is called depilation, shaving, abrasion, depilatory cream and cutting are forms of depilation.

Waxing is removing unwanted hair by brushing hot resin with a spatula or roller, allowing it to dry and then pulling it off.

The advantage of resins over other depilation methods is that many hairs are removed simultaneously with root and all. After an average of two to six weeks, the hairs return, but are softer and thinner than before.

By periodically resins, hair growth is reduced in the long run, it varies per individual when this result will be noticeable. After a resin treatment, the hair should also be long enough for the next treatment, keeping an average of four to six weeks between treatments is a good indication.

Frequently Asked Questions

You dont need to bring anything with you. At Beauty Cara Rania everything for the treatment is included.

To give every client all the peace and attention in the salon, we work exclusively by appointment.

The number of sessions needed is different for each person.

Important for the treatment:

  • After shaving, let the hair grow for at least 3 weeks
  • The hair should be long enough, about 1 cm
  • The skin must be free of grease, no body lotion, etc. on the skin
  • The skin must be clean, against bacteria
  • Do not scrub the same day
  • Avoid sunbathing and sunbed


Important to avoid the following after the treatment is done:

  • Shower with hot water (lukewarm water and without shower gel)
  • Going under the sun or sunbed
  • Going to the sauna or swimming in chlorinated water
  • Apply body lotion / oil / cream that contains perfume and / or alcohol
  • Apply deodorant (after resins of the armpits)

One of the main side effects of petrochemicals is Endocrine Disruption. This is basically when something alters the fine balance of hormones in the body. One of the major disruptors is petrochemicals. These disruptions can cause cancerous tumors, birth defects, and other developmental disorders – any system in the body controlled by hormones can be affected by hormone disruptors.

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